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flavors of glue (software sites)

Here's a handy list of the various "flavors" of glue one can find online today. Scroll down to access a full list of glue repositories via our Miro Board. 

glue logo, showing four types of graphs glue can link together live, including histograms, images, dendrograms, and statistical data displays

a.k.a. "glue Qt" or glue-viz

This is glue "classic." The most general version availalle, running on a user's local machine (Mac, Windows or Linux). 

glue for genomics

A custom version of glue, developed specifically for use in genomics.  (Runs in desktop environments, using Qt.)

glue genes logo
images pointing to the various flavors of glue software

glue runs inside a variety of other software environments based on various instantiations of Jupyter Notebooks and Jupyter Lab.  Learn more here.

glue is everywhere these days, and finding the right repository can be confusing.  Here's a peek at the Miro board that the glue core team uses to keep track of where all the repos are "now." 

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